8 Reasons You Should Travel to Cuba

8 Reasons You Should Travel to Cuba

May 16, 2017
By LocalAventura

There are so many travel destinations in the world, and with friends and family sharing picture after picture of their most recent vacation, it is only getting harder to decide where to take your next big trip.

However, there is one location that is making its way to the top of everyone’s travel bucket list – Cuba.  For the past few years, pictures of colorful buildings, vintage cars, and mouth-watering food have flooded everyone’s feed and convinced them that they need to hop on a plane and wander the streets of Havana.

However, it doesn’t stop there! Here are eight reasons why you should visit Cuba:

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1. The Food

Cuban cuisine is worth the plane ride – no matter the length. Depending on your location, the time of day, and who is cooking, every dining experience in Cuba is unique. You will surely never forget the tastes, smells, and markets of this beautiful island. Be sure to try the roasted pork, shrimp enchiladas, and load up on beans and rice.  Lianet can suggest her favorite spots as well as other off the beaten path suggestions!

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2. Learn to Salsa

There are tons of clubs – as well as many famous ones – that play salsa into the early hours of the morning.  However, you don’t need to travel far to find salsa in Cuba – there are many bars playing music, with locals that want to teach you how to dance.  Don’t worry about trying to keep up – no one expects you to – just have fun!


3. Practice Your Spanish

Visiting Cuba is the perfect excuse to dust off your high school Spanish, and try to learn some new words and phrases.  English is spoken in the tourist areas, but locals always appreciate – or, at least get a kick out of – when you try to speak the local language. Delve further into Cuban culture and practice your Spanish when asking for directions, ordering in restaurants, or making friends with locals!

4. Homestays and Airbnbs

Forget about hotels! Cuba isn’t your average vacation. Cuba provides visitors the opportunity to stay with a local, and have a more authentic experience. Casa Particulars are a popular Cuban homestay/bed and breakfast option and are scattered across the country. Tourists will be able to form a relationship with their hosts and get to see the real Cuba!


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5. Live Music

You’ll be humming the soundtrack to your Cuban vacation long after you leave! Cuba is known for its local, and passionate music scene.  As you wander the streets, shop in markets, and dine in restaurants, a rich medley of sounds will follow you as you go.  Ask a local to share some of their favorite Cuban artists, and places to hear live music.


6. Festivals

There is always something interesting going on in Cuba – it would appear to some that there is a different festival every single week.  From Carnival and the Festival Del Caribe in Santiago to ballet, jazz, and book festivals, be sure to look up what unique event is being celebrated while you are in Cuba!


7. Cigars

Everyone has heard of the legendary Cuban cigars, and no trip to Cuba would be complete without sitting outside and puffing away on these famous delicacies.  The island handles every aspect of the cigar production, from planting to rolling. Be sure to pick up a case or two when visiting.

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8. Old Buildings and Cars

The streets of Cuba look like a car museum, and the buildings that tower above them are relics of another time. Cuba has nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and as soon as you arrive, it will be apparent why.  If there is one thing you can guarantee about your trip to Cuba, it is that it will be stunning, from every colorful home to every vintage car.


Written by Ben Preston of ViaHero. Ready to travel to Cuba?  ViaHero takes a completely unique approach to travel, pairing each customer with a local in the country they are traveling to. The local designs a completely personalized trip for you, based off of your interests.

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