Discover the Best Brews in Buenos Aires

Discover the Best Brews in Buenos Aires

April 27, 2016
By Mariana

All over the world, palates are awakening to a revolution. A new generation arises, one that takes the quality into its own hands and defies the mainstream market, all in the quest to craft flavorful, rich and locally produced beer. Brews in Buenos Aires are up and coming, and they ain’t stoppin’.

We Porteños (locals) have always had a special affinity for this beverage. And while we may not have a Maclaren’s or Central Perk, “our booth is wherever all of us are”; meaning at 5pm, in any given square or plaza, you’ll find people gathering around a couple of birras (slang for beer).

Lately for us this metaphorical “booth” is whichever bar is serving the best local brews. So hop on to this rising local trend by taking a look at the up-and-coming brands and microbreweries popping up across our beloved Buenos Aires.

Gold draft beer dispensers in a bar

What Brew to Drink

1. BienSur Cerveza

BienSur is a micro-scale, closed-door brewery in the Chacarita neighborhood. With a small production, the brewery is always experimenting with one-of-a-kind blends like their Conquista Roja, and testing them with the public to ensure perfection.

With a huge love for their homeland, the company brands their beers with names native to the Pampas region of Argentina, like Doble Chacarera (type of folk music and dance) or Barro, quizás. To try Bien Sur’s brews, order them online or go taste them at Casa del Árbol, a cultural center in Palermo that hosts live performances and art exhibitions.

Biensur Beer

Photo curtesy of BienSur Cerveza

2. Portlander Beer

Portlander craft brew is the love child of Manu López, a local entrepreneur, and Casey Rakoczy, a brew master from Portland, Oregon. The two saw something in Buenos Aires’ upcoming microbrewery scene and knew they needed to get involved. As the name hints, the brand represents a strong love for Portland. All of its varieties are named after the city’s iconic landmarks like Willamette River or Forest Park.

Soon, this dynamic duo plans to take their brand even further and open up bars in off-the-beaten-path neighborhoods like Saavedra. Though a small brand now, Portlander Beer is my pick for the next-big-brew to hit the city. I predict Portlander to be available in craft beer bars all across the city, shortening the distance between Argentina and the USA.

Portlander Beer

Photo curtesy of Portlander

3. El Bolsón

One of the oldest microbreweries in Argentina, El Bolsón has been up and running since 1984. The brewery is based in El Bolsón, a small bohemian town in Patagonia, also known as the Hops Capital of Argentina. It only makes sense that from this spirited place would emerge one of the most beloved artisanal beers of Argentina.

With brews inspired by Patagonian flavors including raspberry and smoky black beers. If you visit Patagonia you must try an El Bolsón brew. This brand has been a southern favorite for decades. Not planning on heading south? No worries, you can find this beer across Buenos Aires in bars or restaurants like La Casa del Queso

El Bolson Craft Beer

Photo curtesy of Cervecería El Bolson

Where to drink brews in Buenos Aires

1. Cerveceria 11.25

This epic microbrewery in the off-the-beaten-path Caballito neighborhood has everything we like: a wide array of beers, excellent food, and great value! Here you can enjoy a bitter ale, light blond, a malty Irish variety, and so much more.

There’s something for everyone in this relaxed bar. For the best experience, we recommend hanging at one of their sidewalk tables and pairing a mouth-watering empanada with the pint of your choice.

Cervecería 11.25 Glasses

Photo curtesy of Cervecería 11.25


The gem of Mar del Plata, Antares is a brewery that has also become a widely adopted brand across Buenos Aires and its outskirts. The brewery has several bars across town in neighborhoods like Palermo and San Telmo. All of them serve delicious tapas to enjoy with your artisanal beers. Don’t leave this bar without trying the Antares french fries! After you do, call the morgue, because they are to die for!

3. Buller Brewing Company

This classic brewery in the Recoleta Neighborhood is my top choice for meeting fellow travelers and viewing big sports events. Right across from the Recoleta Cemetery, this place is frequented by both an international and local crowd, creating an exciting and bustling atmosphere for you to root for your favorite team. Buller Brewing Company is a great stop after taking in all the tourist sights in the Recoleta neighborhood. So kick back, relax, and make a new friend or two.
A group of friends cheering with beers

The slogan for Argentina’s most iconic beer, Quilmes, is “El Sabor del Encuentro”, meaning “The Flavor of Getting Together.” For us, Birra, like yerba mate or asado, is just another excuse to get closer, to embrace our passions, laugh for our happiness and cry for our sorrows.

In Argentina, beer is synonymous with friendship. So to really understand our culture, I invite you to embrace the Argentine side of life and join us for a fresca (another slang for beer), mi amigo.

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