Best Honeymoon Destinations in Latin America

Best Honeymoon Destinations in Latin America

February 13, 2018
By Maria Eugenia Salcedo

While planning your dream honeymoon is exciting, choosing the perfect place to spend it can be overwhelming.


Do you want to relax on a beach, learn about a different culture or go on thrilling adventures? Well, how about all of those at once? Latin America has many of the best beaches in the world, the richest cultures and most exciting destinations to discover.


Santiago, Chile

Chile is the wine capital of the world; with many vineyards and famous wineries to visit, it is certainly a paradise destination for couples who love this drink. Spend your honeymoon learning about winemaking techniques, tasting different grapes and exploring regions around Santiago where wine is produced. The Casablanca Valley, for example, is an up-and-coming area where the first organic wines of the country started being made.

Vineyards of Chile

In Santiago, lots of history, art, and delicious food await. It’s a place where innovation and modern architecture blends in perfectly with traditions. There are many ways in which you can experience the city, either through a lense, in a photography tour, by walking or in private transportation. It doesn’t matter which way you prefer, we assure you it will be amazing.


Buenos Aires, Argentina

Are you and your partner history buffs or foodies? Then we bet you’ll go crazy with everything Buenos Aires has in store. You can learn about Argentina’s past by visiting the city’s famous postcards like the Recoleta Cemetery and La Casa Rosada (Government Palace). All that, while also enjoying tasty empanadas and some mate, like a true local.

A Night of Tango

Although, if you’re looking for a more romantic activity, you can always count on a tango night out to bring you closer together. This traditional and intimate dance has its roots in the neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, making it an even more inviting experience. You could begin by learning the basics in a private tango class, and then practice your new moves in a classic milonga, or club, around town.


The truth is, Buenos Aires has many hidden treasures. To discover its rich culture and history is to travel back in time, making your honeymoon unlike any other. You may even find yourself falling in love all over again with each other, as well as with this coast city.


Cancún, Mexico

One of the most popular destinations year after year, Cancún has something for couples of every age. For those wanting to explore the Riviera Maya and learn about its history and culture, an excursion to the ruins of Cobá and Tulum is just what you need. The ancient city of Chichén Itzá is also located nearby, full of Mayan gems waiting to be discovered.

Snorkeling in Cancún

Of course, while in Cancún, you can’t miss going to the beach. The warm and clear blue waters are inviting, not only for relaxing, but for engaging in other activities as well. You can go snorkeling and visit the MUSA, an underwater art museum, or maybe swim alongside beautiful whale sharks and giant turtles. With all the calorie burning, you’re going to need some energy back to keep enjoying the city, which is something that tasty Mexican food can help you with.


Cusco, Peru

You have to admit, paying a visit to one of the New Seven Wonders of the World with your significant other is a pretty amazing way to start off your new life together. Just a train ride away from Cusco, you’ll find the Inca city of Machu Picchu. You can learn about Peru’s heritage and culture while taking in the breathtaking views, and maybe meet an alpaca or two.

Cusco itself also has lots of history to be discovered. The mixture of Spanish and Inca influences make themselves visible while walking the streets, and even in the delicious Peruvian cuisine. To get a taste of it, visit the famous San Pedro Market, where you can find the exotic flavors and aromas that have made the country’s dishes known worldwide.


Arenal, Costa Rica

There’s no better place than Costa Rica for any couple looking to have an adventurous honeymoon. Known for its vast flora and fauna, the country is the perfect spot for unforgettable experiences. In Arenal, three hours away from San José (the capital), you can find an array of outdoor activities and attractions.

From bathing in hot springs and waterfalls to hiking through caves and a volcano, there’s a lot to choose from. And yes, you read that right, you can do a volcano hike in Arenal! Currently in a resting phase since 2010, the volcano is one of the main attractions of the area for its history and unique cone shape.

Ziplining in Costa Rica

Other available tours include horseback riding, zip lining or water sports like rafting. If what you want is a mild but still exciting adventure, you can also go bird watching or even get up close and personal to endangered wildlife species. Whatever tour you choose, there’s only one rule you have to follow: have fun! (but it also doesn’t hurt to be prepared, so check out these tips for travel in Costa Rica).


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Home to some of the world’s most famous beaches and biggest carnival celebration, Rio de Janeiro has certainly become a popular destination for honeymooners. This is because of the natural beauty of its mountains, national parks, and wildlife that mix with amazing architecture and history. You may even get the feeling of being in two different cities at once while going from one neighborhood to the next.

Sunset in Rio

That diversity makes Rio ideal for couples who want to enjoy both a city and a beach honeymoon. Your day could start with a walk around historic downtown, where the Municipal Theater, Metropolitan Cathedral and lots of other museums can be found.

At lunch, maybe try a traditional Brazilian dish like feijoada or barbecued meat, and have a brigadeiro for dessert. To end on a high note, visit the Corcovado Mountain, one of Rio de Janeiro’s best lookouts. Breathtaking sunsets can be seen from up there.

This city has so much to offer that it’s no wonder millions of tourists choose it as their preferred destination not only in Brazil but in South America. The friendly locals and delicious food will charm you and your loved one for an unbelievable honeymoon.

Ready to start planning your honeymoon in Latin America? We’re here to help! Sign up for a free honeymoon planning session here with our experienced travel experts. Whether you want a 3-week honeymoon spanning Peru, Chile, and Argentina, or a romantic getaway in a Mexican beachtown, we’ve got you covered.

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