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New Years in South America: Top 6 places to celebrate

October 30, 2018
By Ashley Winder
Heading to South America for the New Year holidays? Are you wondering what to do or where to go? Well, we can tell you, there is a range of options depending on your New Year’s celebratory style. All you have to do is choose. From the beaches of Uruguay to the mountains of Peru, there […]
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48 hours in Buenos Aires

May 2, 2018
By Maria Eugenia Salcedo
Buenos Aires has become known around the globe for many things: as the birthplace of tango, a place to drink the famous Argentine wine and eat a delicious asado or empanadas. Even though those are all true, the city has so much more to offer. For starters, it’s a place where many of the country’s […]
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7 Things I Wish I Knew Before Visiting Buenos Aires

May 8, 2017
By LocalAventura
Visiting Buenos Aires can be overwhelming. With an urban population of 2.8 million and a map that includes 48 districts, the city’s opportunities are endless. But in order to fully explore and appreciate Argentina’s capital, you’ll need to learn how to navigate some unexpected quirks and cultural differences. Following are some tips to make life […]
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Argentine Asado: For the Love of Community, Food, and Entrepreneurship

April 7, 2017
By Colleen O'Connor
Local Guide Frank reveals how he followed his passion and made the leap from living in Chicago to bringing people together through his love for good food, good wine, and great company. It’s easy to dream about the day you’ll quit your job, find the love of your life, move somewhere exotic, and make a […]
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Guide to Shopping in Buenos Aires

June 1, 2016
By Stephanie Cohn
So you’ve finally booked that trip to Buenos Aires, and you’ve made sure to leave plenty of room in your suitcase for the city’s famous leather goods and artisan crafts. Yet when you arrive at the many markets you’re overwhelmed and cannot decide on quality, taste, or fair prices. That’s where Local Guide, Sophie comes in. The former fashion […]
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Mendoza Wine Industry Secrets with Local Guide Peter

May 20, 2016
By Stephanie Cohn
Forget floral undertones and fruity notes, for Local Guide, Peter wine is so much more. Born and raised in Mendoza, Argentina, the malbec capital of the world, Peter has spent his whole life surrounding by Argentine wine culture. When he was little, the vineyards were his playground, and as an adult, they are his passion. From selling wine, […]
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Discover the Best Brews in Buenos Aires

April 27, 2016
By Mariana
All over the world, palates are awakening to a revolution. A new generation arises, one that takes the quality into its own hands and defies the mainstream market, all in the quest to craft flavorful, rich and locally produced beer. Brews in Buenos Aires are up and coming, and they ain’t stoppin’. We Porteños (locals) have always […]
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