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6 Places You Have To See When You Travel to Costa Rica

November 19, 2018
By LocalAventura
Picking a destination to visit on your travels can be difficult, especially with so many diverse options available. However, there are few options better these days than the wonderful Central America paradise of Costa Rica. With more than 4.5 million visitors last year, and a growing ecotourism sector travel in Costa Rica is one of […]
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New Years in South America: Top 6 places to celebrate

October 30, 2018
By Ashley Winder
Heading to South America for the New Year holidays? Are you wondering what to do or where to go? Well, we can tell you, there is a range of options depending on your New Year’s celebratory style. All you have to do is choose. From the beaches of Uruguay to the mountains of Peru, there […]
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Bachelorette Party Trip Ideas in Latin America

April 18, 2018
By LocalAventura
So you got engaged and your wedding date is coming fast. This is certainly an exciting time for you, so who better to share it with than your closest friends and family in a bachelorette party trip to Latin America? For us, having some of the people you love most celebrate with you before starting […]
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How To Discover The Beauty of Costa Rica

July 4, 2017
By Catherine Zhao
The night sky was a deep blue-gray, growing darker each time I glanced at it. The stars studded between the depths of dark blue seemed to multiply every time I blinked. The faint web of smoke in the sky that I believed to be sparse clouds was becoming, more apparently, the space dust of the […]
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