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How To Discover The Beauty of Costa Rica

July 4, 2017
By Catherine Zhao
The night sky was a deep blue-gray, growing darker each time I glanced at it. The stars studded between the depths of dark blue seemed to multiply every time I blinked. The faint web of smoke in the sky that I believed to be sparse clouds was becoming, more apparently, the space dust of the […]
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How One Couple Turned Their Honeymoon into the Adventure of a Lifetime

May 19, 2017
By Stephanie Cohn
It was 3rd of Mandy and Jeff’s five-day trek in Patagonia, and the rain wouldn’t let up. The newlyweds nervously surveyed the weather, hoping for a sign that it would clear, yet it was unrelenting. They knew the subarctic weather would be unpredictable, but it couldn’t have picked a worse day to downpour. Today, they […]
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Açaí of São Paulo: Amy’s Adventures

August 3, 2016
By Margeret Rauner
LocalAventura fruit-blend connoisseur, Amy Wang, on the hunt for the best açaí in São Paulo. Açaí is the latest health food trend taking the world by storm. The tasty açaí berry, native to Central and South America, is proven to be high in antioxidants and nutrients, though limited research has yet to confirm the actual health benefits of the berry. […]
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Travel Bloggers we Love: Jess is a Wanderer

June 30, 2016
By Stephanie Cohn
Meet Jess…  “I’ll never have enough money to do it, so I’ll just do it anyways.” This is the motto that has driven Jessica Ingles to all seven continents– yes, Antarctica too– searching for real authentic experiences, not just bucket-list checks. The full-time teacher has been traveling since 2004, yet it wasn’t until 2014 that […]
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The Gypsy Nesters Take Latin America

May 4, 2016
By Stephanie Cohn
David and Veronica, the couple behind The Gypsy Nesters Blog tell us everything about their experience traveling to nearly 47 countries. Together, they wrote their first book and are working on their second. It will be a tell-all, comedic story of their experience as empty nesters gone rogue. When the pair’s children left home, rather than sit around and miss their […]
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