HOLA: Mandy & Jeff in Mendoza

HOLA: Mandy & Jeff in Mendoza

August 11, 2017
By LocalAventura


“We simply loved all our tour guides! On the first day, our guide, Peter, was so knowledgeable and kind; he would’ve been a buddy back home. On the second day, our guides were magical with horseback riding and, once again, very knowledgeable. The horses were super nice and we felt completely safe. Our guide, Luz, was on another horse next to us, teaching us so much about Argentine history. Jeff is super into politics, and she was telling us about the government as well. Even though the day wasn’t as wine focused, we think about this day as one of the most magical days. On the third day, we loved hanging out with Peter again the whole day, and he arranged one of our most favorite lunches ever. He let us have lunch alone at this romantic spot, and we had lunch on the most gorgeous patio ever.”


Mandy & Jeff | Traveled to Mendoza, Argentina



This exclusive, picturesque 3 day wine tour (https://goo.gl/agQCnF) was just one of the 6 tours that Mandy & Jeff booked with us as they traveled to 3 Latin American countries! For a romantic getaway of your own, consider the same tour or try one of our other relaxing wine or food tours.

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