The Vegetarian Guide to Mexico City

The Vegetarian Guide to Mexico City

The Vegetarian Guide to Mexico City

November 28, 2017
By Maëlys Siméonin

Where do I find vegetarian food in Mexico City?

You will almost always find a vegetarian option in a non-veggie restaurant in Mexico City, however you won’t have a lot of choice and it will always be with the same ingredients: cheese, squash blossom or cacti. Yet, Mexico has so much more to offer: with a huge variety of fruits and vegetables and a lot of imagination, Mexico city has an incredibly tasty veggie food scene!The neighborhoods of Roma Norte and Condesa have a particularly large offering.


Is there veggie street food?


Yes! My favorite by far is Gatorta. With a very friendly crew, they do vegan tortas, tacos and desserts. You should definitely try the torta “al pastor” and tiramisu. Expert tip: if you ask, you can mix ingredients of different tortas. I had the Milanesa torta with al pastor filling, and it was delicious. Oh, and it’s the same price! Another street food stand is Por Siempre Vegana. I didn’t have a chance to try this one out but it’s quite famous.


Address: Corner between Puebla 182 and Insurgentes, Roma Norte

Price: 2$ for a torta, 1.5$ for the tiramisu and the drink is 0.50$ with refilling

Open: from Monday to Saturday

What if I’m looking for a vegetarian restaurant?


Pan Comido

In this charming vintage-decorated and flowery restaurant, you order Buddha bowls as well as hamburgers. What I prefer is the Croque Madame egg sandwich: along with the menu, you will also be served coffee, juice, and a viennoiserie.

Addresses: Tonalá 91, Roma Norte & Calle Leibnitz 117, Local 3, Anzures

Price: 6$ for a hamburger and 8$ for the lunch menu

Open: Everyday


Casa Quimera // La Pitahaya Vegana

This cultural and gastronomic center in the heart of the Roma neighborhood has a vegan zone housing La Pitahaya Vegana, aka the birthplace of my favorites tacos ever. The place is managed by a woman who started cooking vegan food when her daughter became vegan. Now they both work there, and they are the friendliest people ever and the food is fabulous!

Address: Orizaba 139, Casa Quimera, Roma Norte

Price: 6$ for 3 (filling) tortas

Open: Everyday

**bonus!** Instagram potential: 5/5

What about restaurants with vegetarian options?


Brunch @ Delirio

The only frustrating part of being a vegetarian is the difficulty of finding a brunch offering something else than bacon and salmon. Here, not only the chef is one of the best in Mexico City, but the brunch is a 90% vegetarian buffet. Plus, you can go there every Sunday without getting bored as the food is different every week.

Address:  Monterrey 116, Roma Norte

Price:  Brunch is 13$

Open: Everyday – Brunch only on Sunday from 10:30 to 1pm


La Fonda 115

Here, you will hardly be seated as the waiters bring you the soup of the day – salad, a main course, dessert and of course the “agua del dia” will follow!  The good thing is you can choose between 3 main courses, and there is always a vegetarian option! The menu changes everyday, and if there is no seat available, you will be taken to a common area behind the restaurant. Thus, no worries if you arrive at 2pm, aka Mexican lunch rush!

Address:  Orizaba 115, Roma Norte

Price:  7$

Open: Everyday from 1pm 

Galanga Thaï Kitchen

This Thaï restaurant is my favorite in Mexico City. They have the same amount of veggie options than different kind of curry but above all, they have the best dessert in the world: khao niew mamuang. Made of sticky rice, coconut milk and fresh mango, I recommend it 100% (note that it’s even vegan!) The only problem is that when it’s not mango season anymore, it is replaced by litchi, not my favorite.

Address: Guanajuato 202, Roma Norte

Price:  $$

Open: Everyday from 1pm



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