Travel for Large Groups: What to do in Latin America?

Travel for Large Groups: What to do in Latin America?

March 20, 2018
By Maria Eugenia Salcedo

Sharing amazing experiences with friends and family is one of the most fulfilling things you can do in life. Although it can be hard to plan travel for large groups, it’s completely worth it in the end because you end up creating memories everyone will remember for a long time. Latin America has many great destinations with activities that are perfect for big parties.


Go to a Private Island in Nicaragua

Zopango Island is a small paradise in Nicaragua that can be yours for a full day. It’s the ideal spot for relaxing at the beach but also engaging in exciting and fun activities like kayaking. If what you’re looking for is a private way to enjoy yourselves, then this is it. In this tour, delicious Latin dishes are included, as well as transportation to the island and all the equipment needed.

Voat arriving in Zopango Island


Explore the Mayan Jungle

For an exciting adventure, the Punta Laguna ecological reserve offers many surprises along the way. Your group will have a chance to zip line, climb, bike and swim at a cenote with warm clear waters in this jungle in Cancún, Mexico. All of that while seeing different animals and learning about the rich Mayan culture that still persists in the area.

Family swimming in a cenote


Have a traditional Argentine Family Dinner

There’s nothing better at bringing people together than food. And this is exactly what the Argentine asado does. Amazing barbecued meat and vegetables, paired with wine and dessert make the perfect combination for having a good time with your friends at this family vineyard. Enjoy the warm atmosphere and learn about winemaking from people who have been in the business for years.

Family gets together to eat asado


Celebrate the Brazilian Carnival

It doesn’t have to be carnival season to dance to the rhythm of samba. In this unforgettable experience, your group will have the opportunity to channel their inner dancer by learning some steps and putting them to practice at some of São Paulo’s samba schools. This really is a tour that can become the highlight of the trip.

Dancing Samba


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