Travel for the History Lover: a Latin American Syllabus

Travel for the History Lover: a Latin American Syllabus

October 17, 2017
By LocalAventura

They say travel is the best education, so we’ve compiled a history syllabus from all around Latin America! As a history lover, you’ve read about important events and personalities; now, visit the place where these events took place and learn more about the complexity of history through dialogue with locals.

historic panama


Historic Train Ride Through Panama

Panama’s history is as diverse as its beautiful landscapes. Ride the world’s longest and continuously running intercontinental railway on a historic tour through Panama. Stop along the banks of the Panama Canal on the way to Colon, Agua Clara, and Fort San Lorenzo.

The fort has been virtually untouched since its last pirate attack in the 1700s, allowing you to feel as though you’ve stepped back in time. You’ll be intrigued by its interesting history and be able to take it all in without any crowds around.


mexico city


10k Historical Run of Downtown Mexico

Life gets busy, and it can be hard to fit everything in! At times you have to sacrifice a morning workout to finish an assignment. With this tour, you won’t have to! Get ready to run through Mexico City’s exciting past. In just 2 hours, you’ll be able to see The Constitution Square, Reforma Avenue, the National Palace, the main building of the old Aztec City, Tenochtitlan, and so much more.


Detention Center in Argentina


Tour an Old Clandestine Detention Center in Buenos Aires

Take the opportunity to learn from the mistakes of the past and educate yourself on one of the lesser-known horrors of history. Visit an old Clandestine Detention Center known as the Auschwitz of Argentina, where incredible art records the stories of those who lost their lives during the last military dictatorship that took place in Argentina from 1976 to 1983 and ensure that they are not forgotten.

You’ll come to understand the stories of the individuals, their history, and the struggles they represent. These somber stories are important for understanding Argentina and give a visceral depiction of the wide reach of the military dictatorship in its ability to terrorize the local population.




Masaya Volcano Tour

Tired of learning history in a dull classroom? You won’t have to choose between your passions for history and adventure with this tour! Learn about the history of the Coyotepe Fortress and enter two underground tunnels used as a prison for politicians in 1936.

Afterward, head to Masaya Volcano National Park; it boasts two volcanoes and five craters. The Masaya Volcano has erupted on several occasions and formerly frightened Spanish natives and conquerors.


buenos aires architecture


Meet the Perón Family

Join Local Guides Mariana and Loli on a tour that will give you a balanced perspective of the most famous and controversial couple, former president and first lady Juan and Evita Perón. While most people have heard “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina,” many people don’t really understand the mystery and debate that surrounds Evita and Juan Perón.

This unique outing will help you solve the enigma that Argentines have discussed for decades: What is “Peronism?” Visiting iconic sites of the Peronist movement, you’ll explore Juan Domingo Perón’s rise, struggle, and fall, as well as discover why he is the most polemic leader of Argentine history. Don’t forget about Eva Perón though! You’ll also learn about Eva’s evolution from a small-town girl to Evita, the most charismatic and controversial woman to participate in Argentine politics.


Taking off on any of these tours is the perfect adventure for any history lover! See stories from books come alive as you discover where famous events took place, or immerse yourself in a culture to understand political debates. Having trouble deciding? Contact us for a 30-minute free travel consult!

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