The Ultimate Bridal Planner for Newly Engaged Couples

The Ultimate Bridal Planner for Newly Engaged Couples

January 23, 2018
By Maria Eugenia Salcedo

Any newly engaged couple knows how overwhelming all the wedding planning can be. There are so many details to pay attention to and no right place to begin. Jimena Ortiz first noticed this issue four years ago in Mexico, when many of her friends turned into brides and found themselves a bit lost on the whole process. This is where her business, Help of Honor, got its start.

Being a Graphic Designer, Jimena assisted her friends in creating beautiful wedding invitations, keepsakes, and giving overall support in the design area. But there was something missing: a tool with which she could help engaged couples in more ways than one, being practical and charming at the same time. With this in mind, her flagship product was born: a bridal planner.

Jimena Ortiz, Help of Honor founder, holding her bridal planner

The idea behind it is that everything a bride could need during that time in terms of organization and guidance can be found all in one place. From a complete to-do checklist that includes catering, flower arrangements and even honeymoon planning, to tips and suggestions from a former bride, Jimena herself.

“I got married last September, so for a year before that I experienced first-hand the planning process and decided to add my personal touch”. The most recent versions of the planner, which is updated every six months, will now come with little pieces of knowledge that will certainly guide brides and grooms in their new adventure.

As for Help of Honor’s future, Jimena hopes to improve the planner to make it as complete as possible and include more products in her online shop that will make the planning experience even more special for couples. Currently, she offers wedding-themed jewelry, iPhone cases and agendas, but there’s more to come.

Phone cases for brides

Getting to know Jimena Ortiz

Being an entrepreneur like LocalAventura’s founders, Jimena always knew that she wanted to create something of her own. That’s why Help of Honor became a business and not just a hobby like it used to be in the beginning. Seeing the potential her products had while doing designs for her friends, she left her freelancing days behind and built a brand. Now, with the experience she’s gained throughout the years, she hopes to grow and learn with every new version of the planner.

Lighting Round of Questions

1. Favorite part of planning a wedding?

The two final weeks leading up to the wedding when you’re anxious and can’t wait for the big day.

2. Indoor or outdoor ceremony?

Outdoor and in daylight.

3. Intimate or big party?


4. Best time to get married?

Spring or the end of summer.

5. Adventurous or romantic honeymoon?


6. Favorite honeymoon destinations?

In South America, I’ve been to Argentina and I loved it! I also want to go to Brazil with my husband, maybe to São Paulo.

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*images from Help of Honor

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