5 Unique and Alternative Honeymoon Ideas

5 Unique and Alternative Honeymoon Ideas

March 15, 2018
By LocalAventura

When you think of your honeymoon, what do you picture? If it’s not the beach or any other traditional destination, then these Latin American honeymoon ideas will be perfect for you. If you did imagine that, let us change your mind with alternative honeymoon ideas that can also be fun and romantic for newlyweds.


Photography Tours

Any country you decide to visit in Latin America will have beautiful sceneries and views you’ll want to remember after flying back home. By going on a photography tour, you can capture the essence of the city and its culture in a different and unique way. As a bonus, your friends and family will definitely be impressed with your honeymoon photos.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or have advanced skills, these options are for everyone:


Gastronomy Tours

If the saying “the way to the heart is through the stomach” is at all right, then we can’t think of anything better than a gastronomy tour for your honeymoon. You can learn traditional Latin American cuisine techniques and taste new dishes and drinks that will have your hearts full in no time. Trying the original ceviche in Perú, eating tacos in Mexico or empanadas in Argentina, take your pick!



There’s no denying that Latin America is home to some of the world’s most amazing landscapes. For example, the Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica, Machu Picchu in Perú, and San Pedro de Atacama in Chile. For couples that love diving into exciting adventures, hiking in those places would be, without a doubt, an experience like no other.



For a more romantic getaway, there’s nothing like the cold winter in Chile to bring you even closer together. The snow-capped mountains are the perfect setting to spend a day having fun while skiing. If you’ve never done it before, imagine how amazing it will be to say your first time skiing was in the Andes during your honeymoon!

Spend a Full Day on a Ski tour in the Andes Mountains

Spend a Full Day on a Ski tour in the Andes Mountain


City Tour with a Twist

Hopping on a big bus that has limited stops isn’t the right way get to know a place. To really unveil the life of the city, you need a local to show you the path. And these tours do it so you can explore in a different, authentic way.

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