The Vegetarian Guide to Mexico City

The Vegetarian Guide to Mexico City

November 28, 2017
By Maëlys Siméonin


Where do I find vegetarian food in Mexico City?

You will almost always find a vegetarian option in a non-veggie restaurant in Mexico City, however, you won’t have a lot of choices and it will always be with the same ingredients: cheese, squash blossom or cacti. Yet, Mexico has so much more to offer: with a huge variety of fruits and vegetables and a lot of imagination, Mexico city has an incredibly tasty veggie food scene!The neighborhoods of Roma Norte and Condesa have a particularly large offering.


Fruit and veggie market in Mexico City


Is there veggie street food?


Vegetarian tacos


Yes! My favorite by far is Gatorta. With a very friendly crew, they do vegan tortas, tacos, and desserts. You should definitely try the torta “al pastor” and tiramisu.

Expert tip: if you ask, you can mix ingredients of different tortas. I had the Milanesa torta with al pastor filling, and it was delicious. Oh, and it’s the same price!

Another street food stand is Por Siempre Vegana. I didn’t have a chance to try this one out but it’s quite famous.


Address: Corner between Puebla 182 and Insurgentes, Roma Norte

Price: 2$ for a torta, 1.5$ for the tiramisu and the drink is 0.50$ with refilling

Open: from Monday to Saturday


What if I’m looking for a vegetarian restaurant?

vegetarian restaurant


Pan Comido

In this charming vintage-decorated and flowery restaurant, you order Buddha bowls as well as hamburgers. What I prefer is the Croque Madame egg sandwich: along with the menu, you will also be served coffee, juice, and a viennoiserie.

Addresses: Tonalá 91, Roma Norte & Calle Leibnitz 117, Local 3, Anzures

Price: 6$ for a hamburger and 8$ for the lunch menu

Open: Everyday


La Pitaya Restaurant


Casa Quimera // La Pitahaya Vegana

This cultural and gastronomic center in the heart of the Roma neighborhood has a vegan zone housing La Pitahaya Vegana, aka the birthplace of my favorites tacos ever. The place is managed by a woman who started cooking vegan food when her daughter became vegan. Now they both work there, and they are the friendliest people ever and the food is fabulous!

Address: Orizaba 139, Casa Quimera, Roma Norte

Price: 6$ for 3 (filling) tortas

Open: Everyday

**bonus!** Instagram potential: 5/5


What about restaurants with vegetarian options?

Vegetarian options

Brunch @ Delirio

The only frustrating part of being a vegetarian is the difficulty of finding a brunch offering something else than bacon and salmon. Here, not only the chef is one of the best in Mexico City, but the brunch is a 90% vegetarian buffet. Plus, you can go there every Sunday without getting bored as the food is different every week.

Address:  Monterrey 116, Roma Norte

Price:  Brunch is 13$

Open: Everyday – Brunch only on Sunday from 10:30 to 1pm


Vegetarian brunch


La Fonda 115

Here, you will hardly be seated as the waiters bring you the soup of the day – salad, a main course, dessert and of course the “agua del dia” will follow!  The good thing is you can choose between 3 main courses, and there is always a vegetarian option! The menu changes every day, and if there is no seat available, you will be taken to a common area behind the restaurant. Thus, no worries if you arrive at 2 pm, aka Mexican lunch rush!

Address:  Orizaba 115, Roma Norte

Price:  7$

Open: Everyday from 1pm



Galanga Thaï Kitchen

This Thaï restaurant is my favorite in Mexico City. They have the same amount of veggie options than a different kind of curry but above all, they have the best dessert in the world: khao niew mamuang. Made of sticky rice, coconut milk, and fresh mango, I recommend it 100% (note that it’s even vegan!) The only problem is that when it’s not mango season anymore, it is replaced by litchi, not my favorite.

Address: Guanajuato 202, Roma Norte

Price:  $$

Open: Everyday from 1pm


Dessert heaven!

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