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Peter, The Winemaker

As a kid, the vineyards of Mendoza were my playground. As I became an adult, they became my passion. Growing up in Mendoza, wine has been the centerpiece to every family gathering. Ever since I was 16, I’ve worked in every aspect of the wine business, from selling it, teaching about it, and even making it. Through all these years, I’ve learned one secret that few people want you to know about wine - that’s it’s not so scary.

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Diego, The Explorer

My love of adventure started as a kid when I first learned how to sail. My passion for sailing has allowed me to explore incredible places from the coast of my home city Lima to the foreign waters, where I’ve competed in international sailing competitions. Today, my adventure takes place more on land, as I’m constantly on road trips to seek out new and exciting places to take my guests. I love taking travelers off-the-beaten-path, and so I’m constantly pushing myself to find the best, most interesting spots for them.

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"Photography has led me to over 60 countries including my adopted home of Santiago!"

"We are a couple of guides passionate about the wild and unique beauty of Patagonia."

"Even when I lived abroad, I found myself constantly telling my friends about my home!"

Local Guides Testimonials

what our guides say

A big advantage of working with LocalAventura is their constant communication with us and the clients. They are really looking to help our business succeed.


Lima, Peru

It’s a great way to get more tours out to the world and many more clients!


Santiago, Chile

I’m excited to be connected with clients that really appreciate the experience and information I give them. That’s the kind of client LocalAventura attracts.


Santiago, Chile

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