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LocalAventura - Authentic tours with passionate local guides in Latin America
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From business school to Latin American adventure

Cait Breslin


Born and raised in Philadelphia, Cait found herself very interested in Latin American culture in high school where she studied Spanish literature with a Honduran nun as her teacher. Later in college at the University of Pennsylvania, she decided to pursue her love for all things Latin American, choosing to study abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This trip made her realize that an immense opportunity exists for passionate locals to share their cultures with travelers; she felt compelled to help bring other people to experience all the flavor of Latin America. After graduating, Cait immediately moved to Buenos Aires to make LocalAventura a reality. She's lived in Brazil, Mexico, Chile, and Argentina; in her free time, Cait loves watching films and writing so she remembers all of the crazy adventures she’s had while working on LocalAventura.

Jeff Danielson


Jeff grew up in the Chicago area. He studied the Spanish language throughout much of his upbringing but struggled to gain a conversational grasp, later attributing this to his lack of exposure to Hispanic cultures at the time and his failure to understand the real world applications of the language. Jeff moved to New England for university where he studied undergraduate business at Boston College and developed his passion for entrepreneurship. He joined Deloitte Consulting after graduating and spent 3 years refining a business expertise focused on customer and growth strategy. Jeff became fascinated with travel while at Deloitte, spending much of his weekends and vacation time exploring the world. Trips to Mexico, Argentina, and Colombia ignited an immense excitement for Latin American culture and his desire to share those experiences with others.

Maria Salcedo

Content director

Born in the Dominican Republic, Maria became a nomad at a young age, moving from her beloved Caribbean island to Texas, then Mexico and finally Brazil, where she studied college and graduated as a journalist. During that time, she traveled to other countries as well, among them Peru, Argentina and Panama. Having the opportunity to see so many different cultures and experiencing each place as a local made her realize the importance of traveling. Through her work at LocalAventura, she hopes to inspire others to discover how wonderful Latin America can be. Currently, she's studying her Masters Degree in Communications and Digital Media at a Mexican university.

Our Advisors

Andrea Vidler

Cornell, Wharton MBA, McKinsey

Eugena Brown

NYU Stern, Wharton MBA, Starbucks