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LocalAventura Tour: 2-Day Rainbow Mountain Trek Tour
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2-Day Rainbow Mountain Trek Tour

Experience the breathtaking colors of Peru's most unique mountain

2 days, 1 night


2 ~ 10

Medium content


Once a relatively unknown trek near Cusco, the Rainbow Mountain has become one of the most famous paths in the city. Join an environmentally friendly local guide as you experience the magic and beauty of this trail, while also ensuring it remains magnificent. While many companies do this trek in just one grueling day, you will be given the chance to take it slow and truly enjoy the experience.

Discover why it’s called Rainbow Mountain as you marvel at its incredible colors, only found in one other mountain in the world in China. This challenging yet rewarding hike is completely unique and will leave you in awe of Mother Nature and with an appreciation for local life in the Andes


Day 1: The South Valley and Lllapampa
Today will be your first day of hiking, a preview and warm up for the next day ahead. The trek today will take about two hours, where you will stop along the way to view old colonial churches and scenic lookouts. About halfway through the trek, you will stop for a tasty picnic lunch. Continuing along the way, enjoy views of grazing llamas and gently sloping mountains rich with agriculture. Tonight you will camp near the home of a traditional alpaca farming family, where they will invite you to learn about their lifestyle and land. You will also enjoy a delicious freshly prepared dinner, using only local ingredients. The perfect meal before an exciting day of hiking. Tonight you will rest wel under the brilliant stars of the Andes. 

Day 2: Rainbow Mountain

Today you will discover for yourself the magic of Rainbow Mountain. While you may have seen photos, nothing quite compares to witnessing the natural marvel for yourself. After a hearty breakfast, you will ascend through the dark red mountains, witnessing incredible views of the snowy peaks in the distance. After about two hours of hiking, you will arrive at the Vinicunca Pass, for an unbelievalbe view of the Rainbow Mountain. Explore the area, take plenty of photos, and marvel at the incredible natural colors sparkling along the mountain.

Eligibility criteria

  • This is a moderate level hike; you must be in good physical condition to participate in this trek.
  • If you are concerned about the altitude, please contact your physician prior to your tour.

What's Included

  • Comfortable private transportation 
  • Professional and licensed English speaking guide
  • First-aid kit with oxygen
  • Cook to prepare fresh meals while camping
  • Rainbow Mountain entrance fees
  • Emergency riding horses for tired trekkers
  • All required camping materials including tents, air mattress, dining tent, dining equipment, and bathroom tent

What's not included

  • Extra snacks for the trail 


  • Your guide will send you a detailed packing list upon booking.


Good for Groups


Domingo, Huber, and Urbano

Born in the beautiful province of Acomayo, right in the Andes Mountains, my love of the great outdoors began at a young age. When I was just a kid, my family moved to Cusco, where I discovered my love of tourism. I first began working in tourism as a porter on the Inca Trail. It was really hard work, but working with the guides inspired me to become one as well. I went to school to study tourism. I remember the day I received my license as an official tour guide like it was yesterday! It was such an exciting moment to be able to lead people on the trail, and now 16 years later, I still get that same excitement every time I host a tour. A few years ago, I decided to take my passion and begin my own tour company. My hope that through my tours, I can show travelers not only the beauty and history of the region but also teach them about the rich Andean culture.

Growing up in a small town in the Sacred Valley, I was raised to always respect and love Mother Nature. As a kid, I always admired the tour guides passing through my town. Not only did they get to explore some of the most beautiful parts of the country, but they got to meet people from all over the world. I became determined that I too would become a tour guide. As soon as I was old enough, I moved to Cusco to study tourism and become a certified Inca Trail guide. For about 14 years now, I have been leading tours, and discovered that, beyond taking my guests on the “typical” paths, I wanted to be a unique guide and take them to the unique interesting spots other guides weren’t going to. I also have studied medicinal plants and love teaching my travelers about the many fascinating benefits these plants can have.

I was born in the Apurimac region of Peru in an indigenous community with rich agricultural land. As a kid, I learned from my parents how to work on the field and the importance of maintaining our culture’s age-old traditions. Although I left my small town at a very young age to go to elementary school in Cusco, I’ve carried this appreciation for ancient culture my whole life. Living in the magical city of Cusco, I was able to expand upon my knowledge of my ancestors even more and was inspired to take this knowledge and share it with others. After studying tourism in school, I became a tour guide, specializing in ancient cultures. Having been born in a village in an indigenous village and as a native speaker of the Quechua language, teaching travelers from all over the world about the history and land has been an absolute dream.

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