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LocalAventura Tour: 4-Day Argentine Pampas Tour
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4-Day Argentine Pampas Tour

Stay 4 Days at an estancia and experience the authentic Argentine gaucho lifestyle!

4 days


1 ~ 6

Medium content


Looking for a nice relaxing escape from stressful city life? Want to immerse yourself in nature while riding horseback across a river at sunset? With this tour, it's possible! In the wide open plains of the Argentine pampas, gauchos (indigenous Argentine cowboys) have roamed and raised livestock for centuries. Come experience their lifestyle and pay homage to the age-old traditions of the gaucho at Local Guide Dario’s estancia, or ranch, in northern Argentina.

You’ll stay at a working estancia that raises horses and cattle year round, in addition to hosting travelers. There you’ll be provided with everything you need to experience the true Gaucho lifestyle, including delicious home cooked meals prepared with local ingredients. While you’re staying at the estancia, you'll have the opportunity to participate in a variety of different activities and excursions, ranging from wildlife safaris in the nearby pampas and tropical jungle to boating and fishing in the nearby rivers. Of course, you’ll also have the opportunity to do lots of horseback riding across the countryside and across rivers (especially at sunset!).

The horses are safe, smart and well-trained by the same gauchos that will help guide you all along the way. Whether you are an experienced rider, or this is your first horseback adventure, you will have an extraordinary riding experience! This tour is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life in Buenos Aires and allows you to experience authentic Argentine culture beyond the capital city. On this multi-day adventure, you will find yourself immersed in the natural beauty of both the landscapes and of the traditions of the Argentine gaucho culture.


  • Leave Buenos Aires on a night bus to Corrientes
  • Arrive early in the morning in Esquina, where your Local Guide will pick you up and bring you to the estancia
  • Get settled into your accommodations and explore the estancia
  • Enjoy a delicious home cooked lunch
  • Spend the rest of the day on an excursion out into the nearby wilderness such as:
    • A local wildlife safari
    • Fishing and boating in the nearby rivers
    • Long horseback rides across the countryside
  • Enjoy a traditional Gaucho dinner back at the estancia complete with wine and dessert
  • Rest up for the next day's adventure!

Eligibility criteria

This tour is easily accessible to people of all ages and physical abilities. Please inform your local guide if you need accommodations.

What's Included

  • Home cooked meals for each meal, every day of the tour
  • Various excursions around the estancia
  • Accommodations with wi-fi
  • Experienced Gauchos to help guide you on excursions and teach you Gaucho skills and the Gaucho culture
  • Trained Criollo horses to ride

What's not included

Transportation to the estancia. Note: we can arrange this if you prefer. Please email us at for details. 

Additional Pricing Information (*)

Guests have stayed at Dario’s estancia for just a few days, or sometimes for a few months. The cost of staying at the estancia on a daily basis is as follows:

  • $190 USD per day
  • $170 USD per day if staying for a week or longer.
  • $160 USD per day if staying longer than 10 days.

If you wish to stay at Dario's estancia for more or less than 5 days, please email us at


  • Make sure to pack seasonal clothing as you will spend a lot of time outside
  • Wi-fi is provided in the Estancia, but outside in the country there's almost no connection
  • From Buenos Aires, you can reach the estancia by a 6-hour drive or by taking a bus to Esquina; we recommend taking the bus and can give you specific instructions on how to arrange it



I am a third-generation gaucho and horse breeder in Corrientes, Argentina. For my entire life I have lived as a gaucho (an Argentine cowboy) raising horses and livestock in my family estancia in Corrientes. Over 15 years ago I decided to share my passion for horses and the traditional gaucho lifestyle, by organizing horse riding adventures and hosting travelers in my estancia. I work with my family and friends across Argentina to authentically share our culture and way of life. As a member of the gaucho community, respect for the people and lifestyles of this community and the remote communities where we travel is extremely important to me. I love offering them a grass roots economic opportunity by helping them share their culture with you in an authentic manner.

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