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LocalAventura Tour: Apoala Waterfall Oaxaca Day Tour
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Apoala Waterfall Oaxaca Day Tour

8 hrs


1 ~ 5

Medium content


Located just northwest of Oaxaca City is the spectacular Apoala waterfall. On this tour, you'll get to spend the day exploring some of Oaxaca's most stunning natural beauty. During the 2.5-hour drive there, you will pass through a picturesque, rugged country. The village is situated in a raised valley at the end of which is a shear wall of stone that drops off, leading down through the mountains.

Lead by your local guide, you will walk to the cave that hosts the birth of the river and culminates downstream into the waterfall, where you will swim. The cave is considered a sacred site for the community; hence, events take place here throughout the year. The water is pure and clear and meanders down the valley under the shade of Cypress trees and through irrigated fields of corn. It's truly a picture-perfect postcard!

You'll follow the river back to the van where you'll pick up your bathing suits, camp chairs, and lunch. You will also have the opportunity to walk through the corn fields and head over the ridge where the river cascades over the rocks for more than 100 feet. The pathway down, with many switchbacks and steps, makes for a reasonable trek down and back up again! You'll have the opportunity to swim in 2 different pools and then relax on the shore where you'll enjoy a homemade delicious lunch. After, you can explore the water routes or just relax and enjoy the view.


  • 8am pick-up from your accommodation
  • Drive to Apoala for 2.5 hrs and enjoy the spectacular view
  • Walk to the sacred cave that hosts the birth of the river you will swim in
  • Get back to the van to gather bathing suits, camps chairs, and lunch
  • Walk through the corn fields and discover beautiful cascades
  • Take a sip, relax and savor a delicious meal!
  • Drop-off back at your accommodations around 4pm

Available days

Available by request

What's Included

  • Transportation
  • Entrance fees
  • Guided hike
  • homemade lunch
  • Snacks, water, drinks
  • Towels for after your swim in the spectacular mineralized pools.


Family-Friendly Good for Couples


Tanya and Ralph


Ralph and I immigrated to Mexico from Canada in 2014 after 15 years of traveling in various parts of Europe, Canada and Latin America. In 2006, we came to Oaxaca de Juarez for a short vacation and loved it. There were so many adventures to have within the city and its surrounding areas, we thought we would never be bored. How true it is!

Ralph and I met 22 years ago in Toronto and quickly realized how compatible we were.  We share an adventurous soul, a curiosity about the world, its cultures and natural wonders. We had no specific plan for what we would do to keep ourselves busy when we moved to Oaxaca, but this magical land feeds us and keeps our curious natures hungry for more!

We run our company based on how we like to explore new places – small “family” groups, lots of research, lots of smiles, mouthwatering food, and of course time with locals.

We love meeting people from all over the world. Start as our guest and end your day as our friends.


I was born in Pictou, Nova Scotia and grew up in New Brunswick. Following university, I moved to Alberta where I worked in computer technology positions for international companies. In 1986, I transferred to Toronto with a large Canadian bank where I had work opportunities to travel to Australia, Singapore, England and the United States of America. These travel experiences unlocked my appreciation for other cultures.

I have two grown children in Canada and three grandchildren. My son lives in Kitchener, Ontario and my daughter in Montreal, Quebec. We are a multicultural family, my son's wife is Guyanese and my daughter's husband is Mexican.

I was fortunate to meet Tanya in Toronto who was working to save money for her trip to Australia. We recognized that we were of like souls and she stayed in Toronto and married. We have been together now for 22 years and counting. We interact as if we just met last week.

Like Tanya, I love to meet new people and I will immediately treat you as if I’ve known you since childhood. Not too pushy though, simply as an old friends.

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