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LocalAventura Tour: Argentina History 101: An All-Inclusive Walking Tour
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Argentina History 101: An All-Inclusive Walking Tour

All-inclusive full-day tour through Buenos Aires’ past

8 hrs

Buenos Aires

1 ~ 15

High content


Argentine history is a fascinating rollercoaster of events and luckily for you, a lot of its history happened in its capital of Buenos Aires. As you walk through the city with your local guide, you’ll pass through the many chapters of the city’s history. Stroll by streets that still display remnants of Spanish colonization and also see the places where residents took their first steps towards independence. Along the way you’ll meet some of the country’s war heroes, such as San Martin. Your local guide will tell you tales of war, love, and passion that all shaped the city’s history. Discover the history of the Tango  and the country’s world-famous beef industry. No city tour would be complete without learning about the country’s most famous and controversial couple, former president and first lady Juan and Evita Peron. This tour will leave no stone unturned. You’ll leave with a new understanding of Argentina’s complex history and where it’s economy and politics stand today.


  • Pick up at your hotel or meet at the cruise terminal
  • Visit the Spanish colonial neighborhoods of the city
  • Find out the history behind the beef industry
  • Visit important stops in Evita and Juan Peron’s lives
  • Tour the Italian neighborhoods and learn about Argentina’s abundant Italian immigration
  • Return to your hotel or meeting point

Available days


Eligibility criteria

This tour is easily accessible to people of all ages and physical abilities. Please inform your local guide if you need accommodations.

What's Included

  • Expert local guide
  • Transportation
  • Tickets
  • Meals

Additional Pricing Information (*)


  • Wear comfortable clothing and walking shoes
  • Let your guide know if you have a preference of any chapter of Argentinean history so he can tailor your tour
  • Tour prices vary with customization. Lower prices available without perks of transportation, tickets and meals provided.


Good for Groups Family-Friendly Good for Couples



Born and raised in the wonderful city of Buenos Aires, I’ve always been intrigued by our diverse local culture. I believe there is a place here for everyone one. I’ve spent my life trying to discover every corner of the city. Now, I love sharing the best of what I’ve found with the city’s visitors.

I’ve always known that I wanted to be a tour guide. I studied marketing and photography because I knew I would need these skills in my career. In 2006, upon graduating, I landed my dream job as a local guide. I focus all my tours on the local flavors that make Buenos Aires so special. I’m passionate about giving my tour attendees an all-encompassing tour of the city. With me as your guide, you’ll see all of the best that Buenos Aires has to offer including tango, soccer, and places of historical importance. We can even dive into a discussion on the current state of our economy and politics. I also like to take my tours to some of my favorite restaurants because you can learn so much about a region just by trying its food, especially in this city full of bold flavors. Let me know what your passions are and I can certainly find something here that you will love. I will leave no stone unturned and you will leave with a local’s perspective on what I think is the greatest city in the world.

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