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LocalAventura Tour: Chilean Alpaca Farm Tour and Hike
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Chilean Alpaca Farm Tour and Hike

Full-day tour to visit a local alpaca farm and participate in a nature hike

8 hrs


1 ~ 12

High content


A selfie with an alpaca is enough to complete any trip to South America. Now, you can join Local Guide Thomas to see not just one, but many of these photogenic, adorable creatures! One of the best-kept secrets of Chile’s Central Valley, the alpaca farm of Quintessence is one of the only places in the country where you can spend some quality time with these friendly animals.

The tour will start with your guide Thomas taking you to another underrated destination in the Central Valley, La Campana National Park. This park is home to one of the last remaining palm tree forests in Chile and is protected by UNESCO. Here, we'll enjoy a leisurely and scenic two-hour hike, where you will get to experience the beauty of the palms and see the flora and fauna of this lush area. Not into hiking? Instead of going to La Campana, you can enjoy a vineyard tour and wine tasting on this tour

After the hike, Thomas will take you to the alpaca farm where you can play with adult and baby alpacas of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Feed them, pet them, and visit the workshops where they process their silky wool into fiber. You’ll also get a chance to see handmade alpaca garments, perfect for keeping you warm in the winter. No matter what you choose, this tour is a unique and fun way to explore the valley’s best kept secrets!


  • Pick-up at your hotel in Valparaíso or Viña del Mar (if you want to be picked up from Santiago, there will be an extra cost)
  • Visit La Campana National Park
  • Enjoy the goregous palm tree forest on a 2-hour hike
  • After the hike, you will stop for lunch at a tasty, rustic restaurant in the countryside
  • Drive to the Alpaca farm of Quintessence
  • Spend some time interacting with the adorable alpacas
  • Visit a wool factory
  • Shop at an alpaca wool store
  • Drop-off back at your hotel

Available days

Available Monday through Friday.

Eligibility criteria

Participants must be fit enough to hike at a moderate pace for two hours.

What's Included

  • Private, trilingual local guide (English, French, and Spanish)
  • Entrance into the alpaca farm
  • Round-trip comfortable, private transportation from Valparaíso or Viña del Mar

What's not included

  • Lunch
  • Pick-up from Santiago

Additional Pricing Information (*)


  • Bring sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses.
  • Wear good walking shoes and comfortable layers, as the weather tends to fluctuate.
  • If you are interested in participating in a wine tour instead of the hike to La Campana, check out our Meet the Alpacas of Chile and Visit a Local Vineyard tour. 


Good for Groups Family-Friendly Outdoorsy Types Day Trip




We had a really great time on this tour! First we visited one the last palm tree forests in Chile, it was a calm and interesting place ti spending some time, and our guide did a great job showing us the park and presenting what we saw. We were there almost alone, we think people miss out on something if they leave Chile wothout seeing this place. It is a peaceful place to wander about:) We had lunch at a cosy, small restaurant before heading to the alpaca farm. We were met by the owner who presented the farm, and then we got to meet all the cute and friendly slpacas. They waljed freely in an outdoor area which we could entre, and we hot to take lots of pictures together With them. I hot to hold one of the baby alpacas, and he fell aaleep in my arms, mt heart melted:) At the END we got a tour in the tarn factory which was very interesting, and we visited the shop and could by yarn. Everything was really nice this day, and we loves spending time in the forrest and With the alpacas. The guide Thomas was very friendly and had a lot of knowledge. Even though there was a lot to see, he never stressed and we felt we had the time needed both in the forrest and With the alpacas

February 26th, 2017 Report ⚐

Thomas, Julio and Pascal


Born and raised in France, Chile has been my adopted home for over ten years now. When I first came here in 2005, the country stole my heart, literally because it is where I met my beautiful Chilean wife. At first, I started my life here working as a journalist, because that’s what I did in France. Yet, I felt like the career wasn’t right for me anymore, I had reached a point where I needed a job that would combine my skills in a new and exciting way. With the curiosity of a journalist, I began researching new career options until eventually, I decided to give being a tour guide a try. The career seemed like it would be a natural fit because I was fluent in three languages, loved history, and had a passion for discovering new things!

For about ten years now, I've worked as a guide, sharing my passion and knowledge of Chile with curious travelers from all over. While I have taken hundreds of guests on tours, my mission is to treat each as though they are my best friend. I want to customize my tours for my clients' exact hopes and desires. So don’t be shy, ask me anything! In fact, since I’m French, you can even ask me about my honest opinion on Chilean wines… you may be surprised by my answer, though!


I was born and raised in Santiago and Bellavista, where I now guide tours. Before I was a tour guide I worked as a traveling salesman and then as a private driver for the local high-end hotels. One day I received a call from a colleague asking me to guide a tour. At first, I was hesitant and thought he even called the wrong number but the next day he gave me some pointers on how to guide tours. After that first successful tour, I’ve been guiding travelers around my beautiful country ever since. When I think about being a tour guide I like to remind myself of a quote by Seth Godin, “People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories, and magic.” I think of this as a motto for my life.

At home, I'm a family man with 2 sons, a daughter, and 5 grandkids.  I love to cook for my family, especially fish, seafood, and vegetables with a Mediterranean touch. Chile is a 'wine country' and so I learned how to appreciate the good wines we produce and incorporate them into my cooking.


Thanks to my father, who was a French military officer, I lived abroad for many years during my childhood. I was in Germany for 13 years, England for three years, and Finland for three years. Moving around and discovering new places at a young age has given me the drive and passion to see more of the world.

I finally settled in Chile after working for big companies in France for several years and owning an English pub in Algarve, Chile. I have found in this splendid country everything I was looking for: kind people, the immense Andes, all kinds of climates and landscapes, and, best of all, my beautiful wife. Now, I have been a freelance guide in Chile since 2003. In my free time I spend my time reading about Chile, it’s medicinal plants, animals, geography, history, and more, in order to share my knowledge with all the clients who visit us. I also specialize in wines, Valparaiso, Santiago, and flora and fauna. I chose to work as a guide for these unique interactions I have with travelers.

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