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LocalAventura Tour: Full-Day Ski Adventure Tour in the Andes Mountains
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Full-Day Ski Adventure Tour in the Andes Mountains

12 hrs


2 ~ 8

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With its powdery slopes, mild weather, and stunning scenery, the Andes Mountains are a dream destination for skiers around the world. In fact, these ski conditions are exactly what first brought Local Guide Adam to Mendoza. On this full-day, all-inclusive tour, Adam invites you to discover the beauty and adventure that made him fall in love with Mendoza’s ski slopes.

Starting the day bright and early, you will drive into the hills of the Andes, towards the Chilean border, until you reach Penitentes Ski Resort. Once at the resort, no need to worry about paying for rental or entrance fees; it’s all covered. Before you know it, you’ll be ready to enjoy the mountain. A great ski resort for beginners and advanced skiers alike, Penitentes will allow you to enjoy the stunning views of the Andes as you navigate through an array of trails from relaxing, scenic greens to challenging black diamonds.

The tour also includes a bilingual ski and snowboarding instructor to help you learn, improve your technique, or guide you to the best trails. After a tiring and satisfying day in the mountains, you'll understand why people travel from around the world to ski the Andes. As a perfect end to your day, you can then enjoy an après-ski the Argentine way, toasting with a glass of Mendoza's famous Malbec. 

Available days


Eligibility criteria

  • Great for all levels of skiers, from beginner to advanced.
  • We will be at high altitudes, so you must be physically fit, with no heart problems, to ensure your safety.
  • Minimum age is 18 years unless accompanied by an adult.

What's Included

  • Private Transport, including pickup and drop-off
  • Experienced bilingual ski/snowboard instructor or guide
  • Entrance into ski resort
  • All equipment rentals including boots, skis/snowboard, gloves, snow pants, and ski jacket
  • Breakfast in a mountain village on the drive up
  • Packed lunch
  • Snacks and refreshments throughout the day

What's not included

  • Any additional refreshments you wish to purchase

Additional Pricing Information (*)


  • If you are staying outside of Mendoza city center, please inform your local guide beforehand so they can coordinate with you. 
  • Eat a good carb-based meal the night before - we recommend Mendoza's delicious pasta! 
  • Get a good night's rest; you've got a full day ahead
  • Drink lots of water; it's important to stay hydrated on the mountain


Good for Groups


Adam and Myva

We’re a couple of wine lovers, brought to Mendoza by our mutual love of viticulture. We first met at a winery, so I guess you can say wine has a special place in our hearts.  Since 2005, we’ve lived and worked together in Mendoza, and are now raising our family here. Through our years working in the wine industry here, we have been lucky enough to cultivate wonderful friendships with those responsible for making, growing, and serving great wine. We have tried and tested countless winery tours and restaurants, and are constantly on the lookout for hidden gems. Now we want to share all this research with you to give you a more unique perspective on Mendoza and its wineries! Hopefully, by the end of a tour with us, you’ll understand a little better why we both decided to stay here for so long.


Growing up in Washington state with a family of winos from California, wine and skiing have always been part of my life. In fact, these two passions brought me to my now adopted home of Mendoza. I originally came to Mendoza to ski the Andes in 2005. While the skiing was magnificent, it was the wine that truly captured me. I started visiting the wineries and fell in love with Malbec.

I decided to extend my stay in Mendoza, and worked as a wine guide for one of Mendoza’s top agencies. I loved meeting new people, making wine much more accessible, and, of course, just engaging in good conversation. After three years of working for the agency, I decided I wanted to host tours my own way, to make wine tours more unique and fun. I’ve been leading tours with my wife, Myva, for the past 6 years and couldn’t be happier.


Of Argentine-Welsh descent, I was born in Buenos Aires and grew up in the UK, so I always felt connected to both cultures. It’s the Argentine part of me, I think, that drew me towards my love of wine. I first caught the “wine-bug” when I was living in Bordeaux in 2002, and ever since then I’ve worked in the wine industry.

Then, a 3-month trip to Mendoza turned into 8 years of living and working in Mendoza’s fascinating wine industry. After taking numerous wine and viticulture courses, I decided to become an International Sommelier and spent two years studying at the Argentine School of Sommeliers in Mendoza. Today, I am a professor at that same school. I love teaching about wine, so when I’m not training young sommeliers, I’m either hosting tastings or guiding wine tours.

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