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LocalAventura Tour: Half-Day #Hashtag Photography Tour in Santiago
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Half-Day #Hashtag Photography Tour in Santiago

Explore Santiago and compete in a lighthearted photo hunt with your friends and family

4 hrs


3 ~ 30

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Looking to independently explore the city in a unique and interesting way? During this perfect group tour, professional photographer and Local Guide Cat invites you to participate in a fun photography hunt for Santiago’s hidden gems. To start the day, Cat will host a brief creative photography workshop where she will teach you camera techniques and show you how to make the most of whatever camera you have, whether it’s a DSLR or a smartphone.

With these newfound photo tips, the adventure can begin! Armed with a list of hashtags and clues such as #hispterheaven or #seeingdouble, you will independently explore the neighborhood while taking photos that you think best represent the items on the list. Carefully crafted by Cat herself, the list was designed to take you to the most interesting spots while inspiring your photographer's eye.

Meeting back after two hours for a refreshment, the group will then get to share the many interpretations of the items on the list. Whether you’re a photo enthusiast, a professional, or just want to see a more authentic side of the city, this excursion offers you a unique and memorable afternoon of photography and urban discovery. 

Available days


Eligibility criteria

  • This tour is for all ages and levels of photography experience.
  • Any type of digital camera is welcome, including smartphones. 

What's Included

  • Creative photography workshop
  • Scavenger hunt list 
  • Wine/refreshments at the end of tour

What's not included

  • Hotel pickup is available for extra cost 


  • Start location subject to change depending on group request.
  • This is not a guided tour.
  • Clients are encouraged to create groups to explore and photograph the city. 
  • Be sure your camera batteries are charged or you have extras on hand. 
  • Your camera should have at least 2GB of memory so you can take as many photos as you like. 
  • Bring a camera strap to protect your camera.
  • Wear comfortable walking shoes and weather appropriate clothing.
  • Sunscreen and hat are advisable in summer months.


Good for Groups


Cat and Ignacio


Ever since I was young I’ve loved photography and I was practically raised with a camera in my hand. It wasn’t until I moved from my home country of England to Canada that I decided to turn my passion into my profession. Photography has led me all over the world to over 60 countries, and, of course, it brought me to my adopted home of Santiago, Chile. Exploring the field, I’ve photographed a little of everything from gastronomy, fashion, and portraits to travel, weddings, and daily city life. I have even been published internationally in publications such as National Geographic, The Guardian, Revolver Magazine, and Reuters. I first came to Santiago on a backpacking trip throughout Latin America, and was supposed to return home once I reached Chile. Yet, without a return flight, I decided to stay just a little longer. My extended trip then turned into 4 years of living and working in Santiago. I stayed because I wound up loving this city. Its ever-changing streets are in the midst of an artistic revolution and I’ve really enjoyed being able to witness it. Inspired by the contrast and beauty of Santiago, I wanted to share my admiration for the city with fellow travelers. For me, the best way to do that is through photography. I’ve been hosting photo tours for about 2 years now and I love seeing what new things my guests discover when they start looking at the city with a photographer’s eye.


Chilean photographer and fine arts graduate, based in Santiago, I have worked as a photographer and a guide for many years. The dialogs between old buildings, rusty walls and the city inhabitants are my current line of study, for which photography is a powerful instrument for the mix media experiments in my studio.

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