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LocalAventura Tour: Hiking Tour to El Morado Glacier
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Hiking Tour to El Morado Glacier

Full-Day Cajón del Maipo Hike to the ancient El Morado Glacier

8 hrs

Cajón del Maipo

1 ~ 6

Medium content


Hidden amongst the Andes Mountain Range, you’ll find a spectacular glacier, dating back from the ice age. Local guides Hernán, Felipe, and James invite you to venture into the mountains to uncover this hidden gem. Join these expert mountains guides on a full-day hike that will take you deep into the Cajón del Maipo valley for beautiful flora and fauna, tranquility, and pristine nature.

You will begin your hike in the Valle de Las Arenas surrounded by huge colorful rock formations. From the minute you climb up, you’ll witness unprecedented views of the Andes Mountains. As you continue trekking along a fairly level trail, you will then reach a beautiful alpine lagoon where you can stop, take in views of the impressive El Morado glacier, and enjoy a tasty boxed lunch. This is the perfect day trip for anyone looking to experience the natural beauty of the Andes Mountains with knowledgeable mountain guides and local friends.


  • Pickup at your accommodation with private car
  • Drive about 2 hours into Cajón del Maipo
  • Once you arrive at the Valle de Las Arenas, your hike will begin.
  • Hike about 1 hour uphill and then 2 hours through flat terrain.
  • Once you reach the lagoon with stunning views of the glacier, you will stop to admire the views.
  • Enjoy a tasty boxed lunch with glacier views.
  • Hike back and return to your private car.

Eligibility criteria

  • This is a moderate level hike with about an hour of uphill incline.
  • Beginner hikers are welcome, but you must be in good physical condition.

What's Included

  • Transportation
  • Snacks and water
  • Boxed lunch
  • Trekking poles


  • Wear comfortable, athletic clothes and shoes.
  • Bring a warm jacket, as the weather can fluctuate in the valley.
  • Bring sunscreen and sunglasses.


Good for Groups Highly Active Outdoorsy Types Day Trip




We really enjoyed this hiking trip. The views were amazing, beautiful multi-colored mountains and snowy peaks. The glacier and the lake were a great reward after 2,5 hour hiking. Funny story happened when we arrived - as we put our snacks on the rock and wandered off to take pictures. When we returned we saw a bird stealing a cookie out of the package. It was a great addition to the trip as we were able to take some nice pictures. As we finished the hiking earlier than usual, our guide suggested to get some coffee at a local cafe which was a perfect end of the trip in a cozy setup with homemade cuisine.

May 22nd, 2018 Report ⚐

Hernán and Felipe

We're two friends, both born and raised in Santiago. Since we were little, we've been exploring the land, whether we're rock climbing, skiing, or hiking, and we can't get enough of it! Santiago may seem like a city of big buildings and lots of cars, but for us, it’s a unique playground of mountains, valleys, and nature. Come explore it with us!

Growing up in Chile, a country with immense natural beauty, my parents always taught me to appreciate and respect nature. Today, I hope to share those ideals with as many people as possible and show to the world how incredible my country truly is.  

Before becoming a guide, I would spend every summer camping. Every year I went somewhere different, exploring the most off-the-beaten-path, unique parts of the country, in search of the best mountains to hike, the biggest granite walls to climb, and the steepest snow slopes to ski down. No matter what sport I was doing, the best part was the pure happiness of being surrounding by nature. After years of these trips, I decided I wanted to a job that would not only allow me to explore nature even more, but also to protect and share the beauty of this land with travelers from around the world. Hosting eco-tours in and around Santiago has become the perfect way for me to do just that. 

Born and raised in Santiago, I spent my childhood constantly playing sports and exploring the great outdoors. Growing up, I was always hiking or camping, anything to escape the crowd of the city. Being in the nature is my ultimate happiness, so I knew I needed a job that would let me spend all day outside. Being a guide was the best way for me to transfer all my passion and knowledge to as many people as possible. So I ventured to the best national parks across Chile from San Pedro de Atacama all the way to Torres del Paine National Park to work as a guide.

Living and working in these outstanding spots gave me the chance to grow as a guide while also improving my rock climbing skills. I’ve climbed big walls over 1,000 meters high across the country. My experience exploring the mountains of Chile inspired me to return back to Santiago to show off the incredible nature we have right here at home. On all of my tours, my main goal is to make sure my travelers have the ultimate adventure while still staying safe.

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