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LocalAventura Tour: Horseback Riding Tour Across the Province of Salta in Argentina
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Horseback Riding Tour Across the Province of Salta in Argentina

Explore the wilderness of Salta on horseback and live like an authentic Argentine cowboy!

5 days


1 ~ 15

Medium content


Ascend mountains and explore the stunningly beautiful valleys of Argentina on this 5-day adventure on horseback! For centuries, nomadic gauchos, Argentine cowboys, have crisscrossed these colorful mountains and valleys. Our local guide Dario, a true gaucho himself, will guide you through the beautiful province of Salta on horseback as the gauchos have done for centuries. You’ll sleep in local gauchos' homes during this authentic experience. As you trek across the province of Salta, you will visit remote villages far-off the beaten path, and learn about their traditional way of life. Your well-trained horses will make it so while you journey across the valleys your only worry will be admiring the breathtaking scenery. The whole time you'll eat as the gauchos do with fresh local ingredients. Enjoy hearty eggs in the morning and fried potatoes, bread, salami and cheese for lunch, all followed by asado (or Argentine barbecue) for dinner, along with Argentine wine and liquors. You'll be well taken care of on this journey through the wilderness. From high mountain passes to the rivers and cactus forests that scatter the valleys, you’ll be amazed by the peaceful beauty that surrounds you.


Day 1: Arrive in Salta and Start Your Journey

Arrive in Salta and meet up with your guides. They will then take you on a short ride south to the hills behind the small town of La Viña where you will meet the horses and saddle up. From here you will ride through a lush river valley before you arrive at a small gaucho home where you will spend the night.

Day 2: The High Mountain Pass

Today you will cross a high mountain pass, where you will be so high up you’ll feel you can touch the sky. The pass offers incredible views, sometimes even above the clouds. At the end of the day, you’ll arrive in Amblayo, a tiny and remote village in a valley surrounded by majestic beauty.

Day 3: Amblayo and the Countryside

Stay in Amblayo to learn about remote rural life and culture in this village and take a day trip on horseback along the river and through the windswept, red stone countryside. You’ll spend a second night here before heading out to your next destination the next day.

Day 4: Pass Through the Valley

Head out from Amblayo on a ride that takes you along pampas-rimmed rivers and through cactus forests. Before you arrive at a remote and rustic, old gaucho home where you’ll spend your final night on the trail.

Day 5: Toast to Your Adventure

After one final long day of riding, you'll return to the city of Salta. Here you’ll be invited to join your fellow gauchos at a traditional peña, a local folk music club. There you’ll toast to your adventures and enjoy regional folk music for your final night in Salta.

Available days

Dates available in 2017 are April 13 to 16 and April 22 to 26. Other dates are pending, please contact us at for more information.

Eligibility criteria

  • Due to uneven surfaces, this tour is not recommended for those with walking disabilities or who use a wheelchair.
  • No horseback riding experience required; you will be riding sturdy and well-trained horses, great for anyone new to horseback riding.

What's Included

  • All food and drinks
  • Tents
  • Well-trained Peruvian Paso horses
  • All necessary horse equipment

What's not included

Additional Pricing Information (*)

This is a group tour; for a private tour, please contact for pricing information.


  • This is a rustic and authentic gaucho experience; you'll be sleeping in sleeping bags and will not have acces to modern bathroom facilities.
  • We recommend that you fly to Salta from Buenos Aires; for help, please contact us at


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I am a third-generation gaucho and horse breeder in Corrientes, Argentina. For my entire life I have lived as a gaucho (an Argentine cowboy) raising horses and livestock in my family estancia in Corrientes. Over 15 years ago I decided to share my passion for horses and the traditional gaucho lifestyle, by organizing horse riding adventures and hosting travelers in my estancia. I work with my family and friends across Argentina to authentically share our culture and way of life. As a member of the gaucho community, respect for the people and lifestyles of this community and the remote communities where we travel is extremely important to me. I love offering them a grass roots economic opportunity by helping them share their culture with you in an authentic manner.

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