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LocalAventura Tour: Lima Bike Tour: Art and Pyramids
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Lima Bike Tour: Art and Pyramids

Half-day bike along the the coast, the bohemian neighborhoods, and pre-Inca pyramids

3.5 hrs


1 ~ 6

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Lima is a city full of hidden treasures and charms. On this biking tour, you'll discover the secrets of the city, including the impressive clay pyramids right in the middle of the city. Join passionate bikers Arturo and Beto on this 4-hour bike tour to some of Lima's highlights. Biking through the lovely tree-lined boulevards of Miraflores, you'll pass by two incredible pre-Inca pyramids.

Your local guides will also take you to the tranquil field of olives, a beautiful park that was once an olive farm. Continuing along the route, enjoy seaside views of the Malecón, where you will pass sights like the "love park" and the Larcomar Mall. After refueling with a typical Peruvian snack at a timeless cafe, you will then visit the bohemian Barranco neighborhood, famed for being the most artistic and romantic part of the city. As you bike through, you'll notice vibrant street art and houses painted in bright and lively colors, home to many of Peru’s famous artists, photographers, musicians, and designers. Back in the 19th century, this area was known for its fashionable and aristocratic crowd.

This relaxing bike ride is like hanging out with a local friend and will take you to this see many interesting neighborhoods in one day, without being overloaded with information. A great tour to start out your stay in Lima, you'll leave with a great idea of which parts of the city you'll want to explore even more! 


  • Meet your guide at the Inka Plaza Artisan Market.
  • Ride through the streets of Miraflores.
  • Stop to see your first pre-Inca pyramid.
  • Ride to the Parque el Olivar, a former olive farm turned into a park.
  • Next, you will ride to another pre-Inca pyramid.
  • Ride along El Malecón, a beautiful seaside park
  • Stop in Barranco, the city’s historic, bohemian district.
  • Enjoy free time to wonder around Barranco.
  • Finish your tour in a traditional Lima cafe for a tasty Peruvian treat.

Available days


Eligibility criteria

  • This bike tour is suitable for bikers of all levels, but not recommended for first time or beginner bikers.
  • If you are nervous about biking in the city, your local guide will help you along the way to make you feel safe and comfortable. 

What's Included

  • Experienced and bilingual guide
  • Bicycle with helmet and bike locks
  • Mineral water during ride
  • An empanada and refreshment during the break

What's not included

  • Lunch
  • Any additional purchases you wish to make
  • Entrance into the pyramids, as you will not be stopping in


  • Bring sunglasses and sunscreen.
  • Wear light, comfortable, and athletic clothing, sneakers, and bring layers, as the weather can fluctuate quite a bit.
  • Bring a backpack if you wish to carry extra clothes or supplies.


Good for Groups Family-Friendly Bachelor or Bachelorette Party



Kate Berman

Arturo was awesome. We got to see so much of Lima in just one day. We did it our first afternoon in the city which was perfect because then we could go back to places we wanted to explore more of on our own time.

January 20th, 2017 Report ⚐


After twelve years of living and growing up in Lima, my family moved to the rainforest of Peru. From spending my whole life on the coast, the transition was strange, but I quickly discovered and fell in love with the culture, traditions, and food of the jungle. My memories of living in the Iquitos City, right near the Amazon River, are some of the happiest of my childhood. It taught me to be open-minded to new places, and that there’s so much more to the world just waiting to be explored.

After five years in Iquitos, I moved back to Lima to go to college. There, I started studying tourism as a gateway to explore more places. Studying tourism gave me incredible opportunities to travel to cities all over Peru and abroad. My love of Lima and desire to run my own tour company brought me home, and so I started hosting bike tours. After traveling around the world, never did I expect to end up back at home. Yet, I can honestly say I’ve found my true passion, showing travelers all around my city.

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