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LocalAventura Tour: Stargazing Tour in the Chilean Mountains
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Stargazing Tour in the Chilean Mountains

Head up to the mountains for an astronomy lesson

5 hrs


2 ~ 15

Medium content


Ever wanted to be among the stars? Well, local guide Juane can take you there. You’ll drive into the mountains outside of Santiago to escape the city lights. Here, an astronomer will give a presentation about where you are in the universe and what you’re going to be seeing through your telescopes that night. You’ll then observe the skies from the viewing deck with your bare eyes, next with binoculars, and finally with a telescope.

With each step, you’ll feel closer and closer to the stars, as if you can reach out and grab them. After viewing the galaxy and some nearby planets, you’ll end your night with a glass of wine, some appetizers, and endless discussions about the world beyond our earth.


  • Pick up at accommodation if on the eastern side of Santiago. If not, meet at the Pedro de Valdivia metro station.
  • Drive 40 minutes to a viewpoint on a mountain.
  • Learn about the stars from an astronomer.
  • Observe the stars through binoculars and telescopes.
  • Have a glass of Chilean wine and local snacks.
  • Return to the city.

Eligibility criteria

This tour is easily accessible to people of all ages and physical abilities.

What's Included

  • Private transportation
  • Bilingual tour guide
  • Lesson from an astronomer
  • Appetizers and drinks
  • CD with pictures

What's not included

  • Dinner


  • Eat something before the tour, as only appetizers will be served.
  • Wear warm clothes, as it gets cold at night.


Good for Groups Family-Friendly Outdoorsy Types Good for Couples



Throughout my life, I’ve had a variety of jobs. I worked as an English teacher for 8 years and at an engineering company for 4. The one common factor between those jobs was that when foreign visitors would come, I was always the employee in charge of showing them around Santiago.

As I was born and raised in this city, I knew it better than any of my coworkers. The more tours I gave, the more I loved it. I was the only native on the teaching staff, so I started giving tours to our students as well. After a few years, teaching became monotonous. But every time I gave a tour, I got a chance to try out a new restaurant or really explore a new area of my own city. I decided to go after this exciting and unique opportunity. I worked for a few tour companies for 2 years and eventually became an independent guide. I work with small to medium sized groups because I love really getting to know people. My teaching skills have been really helpful in my new career. I’ve always loved teaching people new things. Every goodbye with my new found friends are hard, but ultimately this is the most rewarding job I’ve ever had.

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