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LocalAventura Tour: The Authentic Lima Market Tour
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The Authentic Lima Market Tour

1.5 hrs


1 ~ 13

High content


Looking to learn more about Lima’s exciting culinary scene? Join professional chef and Local Guide Carlos on this tour for an authentic perspective on one of the most popular local markets. During this experience you will tour the historic Surquillo Market in the beautiful Miraflores district of Lima. While at first the busy market may be overwhelming, with Carlos leading the way, you will really get to understand the ins and outs of this community staple.

Starting the tour with some context, he will at first explain the history of the market and how it has changed and is continuing to change over time. Next, Carlos will walk you through the various sections of the market, starting with the Andean cheese, the dried fruits, the fresh fish and poultry, and, of course, the spices that make Peruvian food so flavorful.

Throughout the tour, Carlos will explain each product and how it has influenced Peruvian gastronomy and history. Together you will stop at key stands with local vendors who have worked at the market for years. End the tour with our own recommendations of restaurants, ice cream shops, and other wonderful places to dine around Lima; you will be ready to explore even more of Peru's delicious flavors. The perfect introduction into the wonderful world of Lima’s vibrant gastronomic scene, this tour is sure to make you hungry!


  • Meet Carlos in front of the Surquillo Market
  • Learn the history of the market and its importance in Lima’s community
  • Walk through the various sections of the market
  • End your tour getting recommendations from Carlos of where to eat in the city, including a nearby ice cream shop

Eligibility criteria

  • This tour is easily accessible to people of all ages and physical abilities; please inform your local guide if you need accommodations.
  • If you are uncomfortable with large crowds, this tour may not be for you.

What's Included

  • Bilingual professional chef/guide
  • Samples of fruits and vegetables at the market

What's not included

  • Additional drinks and items you wish to purchase
  • Ice cream at the end of tour


  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothing as you will be walking around the market.


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Our guide was very nice, but the tour itself didn't really provide us with a unique experience or anything we didn't already know. I've done market tours in other cities where the tour company has a relationship with stall owners to provide the participants with samples, meals or behind the scenes experiences. That isn't the case with the Lima Market Tour. We just walked around for about 30min (the mercado is much smaller than we thought). The guide asked if we wanted to try anything so he bought us few fruits but it was a little awkward standing there in the way of all the people shopping. We were told the end of the tour is a tour of a nearby ice cream shop, but the shop was closed for winter (the sign on the door said it had been closed starting a week before our tour, so it seemed odd the company didn't know and didn't provide us with any alternative or partial refund). This tour might be helpful for someone who speaks zero Spanish at all. But for us, it felt like a giant waste of money. We could have bought the things we tried on our own for less than $5 USD (we paid almost $60 total for this tour).

July 17th, 2018 Report ⚐


My first memories are of my grandma’s voice in the kitchen saying things like, “don’t mix this with that!” or “you have to cook the cilantro very well or the flavors won’t come out.” From a very young age, I started cooking with her, which first began my love of cooking. 

When I was 20 years old, I decided to move abroad to pursue a different passion, though: scuba diving. After living in Europe for a few years as a professional diver, I came back to Lima for a six month vacation. Coming home made me realize just how much I had missed the culture and heritage of Lima, and with Lima’s gastronomic scene beginning to grow, I decided to stick around and pursue my love of culinary arts. I started studying the Peruvian art of cooking, and eventually landed a few jobs working in some of Lima's finest restaurants. Eventually, I started working as a chef at the Hotel Runcu, where I also began hosting a few cooking classes and local market tours.

I loved having the opportunity to work closely with different people from around the world; I loved teaching my craft; and I loved sharing Peru with visitors. So I decided to pursue these tours full time, and have been ever since! Through my classes and through sharing the incredible cuisine of Peru, I hope to ultimately help people truly discover Peruvian culture. They say the best way to a person's heart is through their stomach, so I hope that through my Peruvian cooking classes, I can make you fall in love with my country.

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