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LocalAventura Tour: Traditional Asado Tour at Family Vineyard
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Traditional Asado Tour at Family Vineyard

Enjoy an authentic Argentine barbecue (lunch or dinner) with a local winemaking family

5 hrs


1 ~ 30

Low content


As part of a private afternoon for your group, the Gonzalez family invites you into their vineyard to enjoy a traditional Argentine asado. Greeted by the warm, family atmosphere, you will feel like a welcomed guest at the small and historic operation. The vineyard is small, beautiful, and quintessential of the classic Mendoza region.

From the moment you enter the vineyard, you’ll smell the fire, ready to cook the “costillar a la llama,” one of the many delicious versions of Argentine asado, accompanied by roasted vegetables and salads, and finished with dessert. As your asado guide for the evening, Juan Pablo prepares the food, welcoming you to watch and learn from what he’s making and giving tips along the way for you to try yourself. While the food is being prepared, you are also invited to walk through the winery with a member of the family, each one a winemaker themselves, and learn about the winemaking customs of the family. After learning about the winery, you’ll get an exclusive tasting where you will sample wines straight from the barrel and tank, so you can enjoy the delicious and artisanal line of wines made personally by the family members.

Combining both the wine and food, you’ll enjoy an incredible and satisfying home-cooked meal the way it should be, amongst family. There is nothing more traditional than enjoying an authentic asado in a 100-year-old family-run winery in Mendoza. Join the Gonzalez family for this relaxing and beautiful afternoon.


  • Meet the Gonzalez Family at their vineyard
  • Watch Juan Pablo prepare the asado
  • Enjoy a tour of the vineyard
  • Sit down for a delicious asado meal
  • Head home with a full stomach

What's Included

  • Wine to taste and to enjoy with your meal
  • Tour of vineyard
  • A 3-course traditional Argentine meal

What's not included

  • Transportation to and from the Hacienda


  • Come very hungry!
  • Please let your Local Guides know beforehand of any dietary restrictions.
  • A traditional Argentine asado is very meat heavy, but vegetarians and vegans can be accommodated.
  • Wear comfortable clothing.
  • Transportation is usually not included, but exceptions can be made if you live close by.


Good for Groups


The Gonzalez Family

We are the Gonzalez siblings - Juan Pablo, Nicolas, Rosario, and Ines. Born and raised on our small, family-owned winery, Hacienda del Plata, we pour most of our time, energy, creativity, and love into our family business everyday, all in the hope that we can bring out the true personality of our vineyard’s grapes.

The hacienda has been in our family for over 100 years and has been the center of our family’s history. It's where generations have grown up and raised families of their own. It’s been the location of significant family milestones, from yearly harvests to weddings and family reunions. We invite you to become a part of our family traditions while experiencing authentic Mendoza wine. Everything at the vineyard is run and operated by us — we pick the grapes, we mix the blends, we tend to the vines, all in the hope that you can taste not only the delicious flavors of each of our wines, but also the care and love that has gone into making them. We welcome you into our home to learn all about what makes Hacienda del Plata so special.

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