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LocalAventura Tour: Two-Day Fly Fishing Tour in Patagonia
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Two-Day Fly Fishing Tour in Patagonia

2 days

Puerto Natales

1 ~ 2

Medium content


Surrounded by mountains, glaciers, and crystal blue rivers, there’s no better place to fly fish than in the middle of Patagonia. A dream destination for any fly fisher, Patagonia is the perfect place to improve your skills while enjoying pure adventure and tranquility. Even the most advanced fishers will find a challenge in the region, which is exactly why Ben has designed this two-day tour to help you make the most of your experience in one of the world’s best fly fishing destinations.

Join Local Guide Ben for two days during which you will venture deep into the wilderness to fish on private, nearly untouched land, completely isolated from other travelers. A unique experience in a truly incomparable environment, this two-day tour is perfect for fly fishers wishing to really make the most of their trip to Patagonia. And with two days instead of one, your chances of catching a fish are even better!


Day 1: Learn how fishing works in Patagonia

Ben will teach you key skills specific to helping you fish in the difficult, windy conditions of Patagonia. Let Ben show you all the secrets of the region so you can best navigate the unfamiliar terrain. On the first day, you will learn the skills, adjust to the conditions, and, of course, do plenty of fishing!

Day 2: Spend another day fishing and learning

On your second day, you will venture to a new part of the region to experience different conditions and more beautiful surroundings. With newfound skills, the second day you will be able to feel even more confident as you step out into the river. All along the way, Ben will be there to help you improve your skills while teaching you about the indigenous fish and the geology of the region.

Available days

Mid-October to April 15th

Eligibility criteria

  • This tour is for medium or advanced level fly fishers as the conditions in Patagonia are challenging.

What's Included

  • All fishing equipment including rods, reels, lines, flies, waders, and boots
  • Transportation
  • Bilingual guide
  • Full, delicious, freshly-cooked lunch and refreshments
  • Entrance fees

What's not included

  • License
  • Hotel/accommodation


  • This outing is usually limited to 2 people, but we can accommodate 3 upon request.
  • It is very important to book in advance.
  • If you have any food preferences, please let us know.
  • Always bring sunblock, a hat, and sunglasses.
  • If you have special equipment you prefer to use instead of ours, please bring it.
  • If you are in a hotel far from Puerto Natales, we ask that you arrange a ride into town.
  • The recommended time for each day of this tour is 8am to 6pm. However, this can be made shorter or longer depending on the client's preference.


Outdoorsy Types



Every since I was little, I’ve loved fishing. My dad was a fisherman, so whenever we would travel around the different parts of Chile, we would always go fishing. When I was 15, one of our fishing guides taught me everything there was to know about fly fishing, and from then on, I was hooked. When it was time to go to school, I knew I wanted to study to become an adventure guide. I love the great outdoors and how diverse and interesting the geography of my country is. I wanted to meet people from around the world while also showing them around the most beautiful parts of Chile, from the desert all the way down to Patagonia. When a hotel in Patagonia reached out to me to run a fly fishing tour, of course I jumped at the opportunity. Three years later, I found myself leaving the hotel to start my very own fly fishing company. Ever since, I’ve loved taking travelers out and seeing the look on their faces when they witness the incredible Patagonian scenery, and, of course, when they catch their first fish. On my fly fishing tours my goal is to help you catch a fish. I won’t leave until we achieve that goal and I get to see that smile on your face.

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